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The Sandbox-Mississippi The Sandbox is a collection of off-topic discussions. Humorous threads, Sports talk, and a wide variety of other topics can be found here. If it's NOT an adult-themed topic, then it belongs here

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Old 04-25-2019, 01:03 PM   #1
Rooby Reigh
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Default Wondering if

How easy is it to go to the casinos and do this? And whatís the likelyness of getting into trouble with it? Iíve heard a lot that some girls just go to the casinos and ask random people to hang out. But Iíve never done it and curiosity has me wondering how you even do that? And all the other things that happen or could happen?
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Old 04-25-2019, 09:28 PM   #2
Sexi Sophia
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Iíve never done this. I think I am way to paranoid. I never go unless it has been previously arranged. Too many things could happen as I donít think itís smart to do this.. but thatís just my opinion on the matter. Because safety is always first.
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Old 04-26-2019, 06:17 AM   #3
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This one time in Tunica....at Harrahs.... the College hottie in a prom dress ar the bar was just that.....not a professional... but she was a chatty Cathy, and didnít refuse the free drinks.

Reading between the lines here for a soapbox speech.

Marketing 101... as you can see, simply posting on Eccie does not guarantee success. From a business perspective, you need to advertise here and on other sites. Men are visual creatures. Highway billboards with photos get more attention than one with simply words. Photoshop can blur your face and hide any distinguishing tattoos or other features. Not having a provider profile or any pics probably eliminates 90% of the local members from contacting you. The final point is price/cost. If prices are above or below market value, then customers do not buy.
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Old 04-26-2019, 12:26 PM   #4
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I agree with Arkansasflyer that a girl with pics will entice way more business. That said if a girl has a great rep and doesnt use pics but her reviews all state that she is hot af then she will get a lot of calls also. I have tried to talk Rooby into posting pics. I understand her trepidation but it surely cost her business. She is an attractive girl and the few reviews I remember were positive
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Old 04-26-2019, 01:08 PM   #5
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Maybe Rooby will see this and put up some pics. Iíve asked for some to no avail
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Old 04-26-2019, 11:16 PM   #6
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Over the years I have been approached several times.

The first time I was the only person sitting in the middle of a long row of $1 slots and a very attractive lady sat down at the machine next to mine. After a few pulls of machine handle she asked if I was getting lucky tonight. I thought she meant at the game and responded that I was down to my last hundred. She got up and walked away.

Another time the lady sat next to me on a 4 machines in a square and discussed her bad luck and guess it was time to go home.... basically giving me an opportunity to agree and follow her out.

Others have been similar. Sometimes the lady speaks. Sometimes she just sits there and provides me an opportunity to say something.

Here is the thing.... I don't know them. And I either lacked the funds or wasn't interested in the person. And following them out could result in bad things happening.

One other time I saw a friend that I had visited several times in the past. There was brief eye contact and she walked away. Later she circled back and discretely asked if I was alone. I wasn't and she kept walking. If I had been alone, maybe something might have happened, only because her and I had some history.

At no time was anything said that was solicitous in nature in any of the contacts, but it was pretty clear to me that something was being offered for something if I was interested.

Meeting people off this forum might not seem safer, but it is.
For starters we have shared some very basic information. And I set my work computer to this forum and the person's contact information when I leave for a meeting. If my body is found in a ditch my work computer is going to point to a person of interest. I expect my friend has similar safeguards in place. Just safer than random people meeting up by chance.
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Old 04-29-2019, 06:31 AM   #7
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Ever since the site went down, it's been tough going for providers and hobbyist.

Providers seeking clients and hobbyist seeking providers.

I've posted on days when I had a window to see a provider and it just fell on dead silence. Wish there was a better way to find that happy medium.
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Old 05-10-2019, 12:08 AM   #8
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I am puzzled by this post, I spent a week trying to arrange a meet via emails with the Original Poster I thought we had narrowed it down and got a room for 3 days at a Casino so we had an open window that was good for her only to be told in the response email "No she would not meet there and a whole new list of what I had to do to meet her" I walked away and have not looked back...My suggestion to her question is Don't do what you are thinking about, As a Former Casino Surveillance Manager I see you getting yourself in some trouble pretty quickly.
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