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Member Suggestions and Forum Requests This site is being designed around our membership. Please share your feedback and give suggestions. Use this section to request new forums or changes/updates as well. (For staff assistance, contact your local moderator, or see the "Emails to the Staff" post in the Questions for the Staff forum in each city)

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A zillion years ago, only one of the gals on my permanet dancecard had a no review policy due to things like this.
Now all but 2 have a no review policy.
And a few have let their eccie accounts go inactive.
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I Agree Completely. Because of false reviews I have Had little help Off this site I for one might as well be out at bars and etc it sucks because I was told sooo many good things about eccie but in all like I thought only members could view provider pages and all I get on my line is newbies. Which is fine but still idk Like I just highly think reviews shoulds be a simple yes or no exclude details. Because I for one like to be discreet and if a lover can get on and talk hella shyt because i wouldnt go outside my rules or lie aboyt what really happend or tell extreemly private details about the way i do my sessions tf is the point in even saying discretion is a must or everything is confidential because in all its not discreet nor confidential. One more thing I truley Feel that if one provider is friends with an other provider and lets say get mad and then runs around telling lies so lovers(clients) then most likly they dont see her because of whatbsomeone else said this crap right here is middle school bs grow up because if you listend to what everyone has ever told u in life ur an idiotYou habe a brain of your own why does everyone always tend to let another person make descions for them u are your own person dont NOT see someone just because someone told u not to...js
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this isn,t backpage, it eccie, so if you screw over a client, and burn a bridge, it don,t go away, soon it comes back and bite you in the butt, so becareful what you do now days
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