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Another Realm This forum is designed for those exploring alternative sexual practices and lifestyles. Whether a seasoned veteran of this scene, a newbie, or simply interested in broadening your sexual horizons, we hope you'll find the content of this forum stimulating and informative.

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Old 05-14-2019, 04:27 PM   #1
Gentlemen Rendezvous
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Default Dares bring out the truth

Not sure if I should post this, but what the hell.

A bit ago, I am at a black tie charitable function with several “friends”. We have a nice time and venture to the hotel bar to continue the libations. There are 6 women and 6 men present, 3 of the ladies are divorced and I end up talking to the ladies while their dates husbands are talking and my date splits out. The comments turned to the discussion of a well built, surgically enhanced lady who was at the event but not with us at the bar. The ladies all thought she was a stripper and make various commentary, envious of her figure.

Somehow we get talking about stripping, strip clubs and strippers. I pipe in my two cents, and we eventually talk about “if you would strip for others”. Drinks and bravado later, I was caught in a dare to see if I would strip for them. I told them I would, but only if they would for me. 2 of the ladies dropped out at that point. The other 3, 2 divorced and 1 married said they were game.

So a few weeks after, time to pay up comes. The deal was I had to go first, then at a separate party, they three could go together. The three of them had me over for a party. We drank and finally time to pay up came. I picked the music and did my strip,

Let me tell you it was the most intimidating yet empowering experience ever. The ladies all in 40’s got into it. I was into it. I never thought such an activity could be so liberating and fucking scary all at the same time.

The payoff come this weekend at my house.
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Old 05-14-2019, 09:27 PM   #2
Wizard of Ahhhhs
DATY = Done A Timex Yet?
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Keep us updated on the story!
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Old 05-15-2019, 06:07 PM   #3
consulting for delites
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great story! any other if the guys get dared??

who’s gonna bet the 3 NCNS monsieu rendez-vous :^}

my story is nowhere close to yours - after a fun suck/fuck fest w/ a fwb, she asked if i would strip to a gstring for her mother’s bday (she was turning ~60). mother was frisky but def a miwlf (wouldnt like). while i did a great dance set and got some ones in my gstring (*), fortunately for me and unfortunately for her, she passed out from too many beers she had before i got there. i helped my friend get her to bed and we went back to fwb’s place for another suck/fuck fest.

(* kinda like this one
https://www.kiniki.com/collections/mens-g-strings )
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Old 05-16-2019, 10:49 AM   #4
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Thank-you for story time...
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Gentlemen Rendezvous
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Well, didn’t exactly go as I expected but was fun nonetheless

So I fly back from a business meeting on Thursday evening and upon landing and turning my phone on, the text are burning up. The ladies talking shit that Friday is the night and I will be blown away.

Friday comes and the ladies are out together drinking getting their liquid courage up. Lots of back and forth via text and they finally arrive at my place around 11. So first stunning event is they actually showed up. Second, there was 4 of them, they brought along a friend who I have never met. They get there, I’m introduced to the 4th and we talk and they want to drink some more. They are about a cocktail away from being sloppy as drunk. The 4th lady is kinda quiet but eased up some as we talked.

So finally they ask me if I am ready. They put me in a chair and start the music up. The first one up is a loud blonde. She gyrates and dances and drops to her bra and panties. Sits in my lap facing away from me. Bounces around then towards the end of the song finally lets her tits out to view, nice, tries to puff them up with her arms but never lets me touch them. She never drop her panties. Decent dancer, give her a B for effort.

Then some argument about who is next broke out between lady 2 and 3. Lady 2 is married and lady 3 is divorced. They argue for 5 minutes pushing each other the finally out of nowhere lady 4, who was not even part of the audience for me, announces “you chickens, I’ll go”.

She is got the least “stripper” outfit on, jeans and a T-shirt, but when the music hits she is working it. She works the other ladies, kissing them and me, nice little stripper slide and a package inspection while dancing. Strips completely down and continues the tease and kiss all of the rest of us. Give her an A.

After that the married lady goes. Very naturally thin lady, probably 100 lbs at 5’5. She gets into Beyoncé “strip for you”. She is by far the most attentive to me with very little dancing but a lot of her hands all over me. She finishes the dance straddling me and gives me a tiny kiss on the lips. Sorta a tease but I loved it. She completely ignored the other ladies. It was a dance for me and me alone. A+. Lucky bastard husband of hers.

So finally the last lady gets up. She is the one I was most wanting to see. Killer figure on a 5’2” frame. Long golden brown hair with glasses. She is getting tons of encouragement from the others, she is wearing the pencil skirt and blouse. She starts to strip gets her blouse off and her tits look fantastic in the satin bra. No touch at this point but good dancing. Then she drops her skirt, and she has granny panties on. I’m like WTF. $5 pair of Walmart specials. Then she just danced in her panties and bra and then froze up. She could not do it. She got razzed hard; the other ladies got a bit bitchy with her but she never stripped fully. She just said she couldn’t do it.

So disappointing on her.

We ended up hanging out and laughing at our bad dancing. The new lady #4, told me I owed her a dance since she was not there when I stripped. We had a ton of banter back and forth. They eventually caught an Uber and went home and I was left all alone.

However, the next day I was texting with all of them in a group and a couple of individual text broke out. The lady who did not strip fully, I keep pushing her to do it for an audience of one, me. She says she will try. Given what I saw of her body, I willing to play the string out for quite a while.

Lady #4 and I text back and forth and I was about to go into Whole Foods, and I told her I would bring supper over. We never had dinner but I did make her breakfast this morning.

Truth or dare as an adult is way more fun than it was a kid.
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Old 05-20-2019, 02:09 PM   #6
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Bravo Lady #4!
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