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Weekend Updates - Connecticut Post a second update for your friends and other members of the community. You may place an Update in this forum once each week, from Thursday 6am through Sunday 9pm, in addition to your Weekly Update.

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Default Image Standard Revisions for 2019

Thank you for being a part of the ECCIE community!

Effective immediately, as well as being retroactively applied, the following are the new ECCIE Image Standard Guidelines:

Upgraded Female Account members may continue to post photos as part of their Weekly and Weekend Updates. All images posted in Updates and on Bio Pages or in the Discussion Forums must comply with the following guidelines:

Topless images, including nipples, are acceptable. However, they should be purely nude in nature, rather than a sexual depiction. In other words, no licking or groping of the breasts or nipples.

No below the waist nudity is allowed. Thongs, bikini bottoms, etc. are required. No exposed anus or exposed genitalia. No exceptions, even if nothing is exposed, there needs to be some sort of garment worn (e.g., underwear, bikini, thong, etc.). Think of what would be appropriate at a topless strip club. Butt cheeks are welcome. Additionally, images where the subject is wearing something below the waist, but still leave genitalia, the anus, or pubic hair partially exposed are not allowed. Clothing that clings to the genital region or clothing that is somewhat transparent is permitted. Common examples of what is not acceptable are nude shower photos where the lady is covered in bubbles or nude pictures of the lady kneeling even where the genital region is concealed, a garment must be worn and visible.

No images of sexual acts whatsoever. Also, please avoid even the implication of sex acts (e.g., two people kissing, a person taking off another person’s shirt, etc.). No photos with multiple ladies or photos of two partially clad people. If you are not sure, then simply make it easy and avoid photos with more than one person. Male nudity is also not allowed.

Female members should immediately review their Bio Pages and remove noncompliant photos. Also, all members should take note that avatar photos are also included in these guidelines.

These new ECCIE Image Standards are effective immediately. Noncompliant images will be immediately removed. Consequences for non-compliance includes loss of posting privileges. This applies to both male and female members.
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