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Coed Discussions Hobby-related discussions belong here. Let's keep these discussions on-topic, thought-provoking, and more importantly...entertaining!

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Old 05-23-2019, 10:49 AM   #16
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if you buy from aliexpress.com they average $2 to $7
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Old 05-23-2019, 12:55 PM   #17
Get Lucky
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I used them before. I prefer the stretchy silicon ones with little nubs on them (for her pleasure). I have placed just at base of shaft, over base of balls and shaft, and both areas using two different sizes. In my experience, you don’t want to leave on too long. For me, really engorges my unit and helps delay the pop just a bit.
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Old 05-23-2019, 04:02 PM   #18
Nero Wolfe
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aliexpress and ebay have loads of sex toys for much cheaper than retail or a lot of sex websites.
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Old 05-23-2019, 05:28 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by lookinginolatheks View Post
hmmmm, good question, I really like the aluminum one, you have to know the size though, they make a silicone that will stretch (not good with pubes) or a leather one that snaps, I like to wear mine for extend foreplay and play, then rest for a bit take it off and finish,
Are there adjustable ones for various sizes? Aluminum? Hmm...leather is nice. I have a leather choker I like to wrap them up with! You have been very helpful
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Old 05-23-2019, 07:02 PM   #20
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Metal ones scare me. I've heard too many ER stories of them having to be cut off.

This one works for me: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075CFP1D6/?th=1
The "tongue" on the ring that goes around the testicles rests right up on the taint and provides good pressure there. The ring around the testicles tightens them and moves them forward for more stimulation and the ring around my penis keeps me hard. If I decide to ejaculate it is flexible enough to not restrict the flow, although it isn't as pleasant as doing it without the ring. I'll usually take it off to pop.

If you (or your guy) enjoys anal stimulation, this one is fun also.
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Old 05-24-2019, 09:28 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by Enchanterlingum View Post
DO NOT wear one for more than an hour, or you will find out what banding does to a steer. You do not want any of your vital bits to slough off and that can happen in mere hours, such as falling asleep with one installed. Sadly, it happens to old men on occasion in medical settings when their foreskins remain retracted from catheterization.
Thank you. Good information. I was trying to be funny again, on a serious topic. I appologize.

For long distance shooting in the prone position using a sling that lengthened to wrap around your arm and lock you in on target, the US Marine Corps taught us to only stay in that position for 20 to 30 seconds. Some guys were walking around with temporary sling paralysis of their arm because the held the position too long.

Kinda like sex. Get down, take your shot, and take a break - you have had enough.
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Old 05-24-2019, 12:20 PM   #22
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i love cock rings the problem you are going to have ss is you're not going to know what size is needed. there are numerous different sizes and styles i like steel if fitted right they can still be lubed to get off for ejaculation! but its not like you can walk into the sex shop and try it before you buy it!

so some trial and error test fitting cost are incurred while finding the right size. im interested in the metal ones that go behind the shaft around the balls that have an extended area that puts pressure on the prostate. but again trial and error with fitment for the right desired effect of the cr.i like the way they accentuate every vein and definition of the penis with an around the shaft type (just imagine your cock hulked out) that is the effect cr have! you can ejaculate with them on but not ideal it prolongs ejaculation but if you ejaculate with it on its a dryer sensation not ideal or as pleasurable as without!
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