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A Question of Legality Post your legal questions here (general, nothing of a personal nature)

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Old Yesterday, 04:22 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by B Three View Post
OMG, y'all made this into some freaking conspiracy. All the OP wanted to know was if he was going to have to explain why he regularly withdraws money from the ATM. Quite frankly, it is highly unlikely anyone is going to ask about it. If his wife didn't have an issue with it before they separated, then there isn't a real basis for her to start complaining about it now -UNLESS he starts deviating in his habits. It's his money, meaning it's their money and if he doesn't start trying to hide assets, etc. It will likely go unchecked UNLESS the wife has some inkling that he was diverting marital assets for something like a girlfriend.

If the total amount of cash was only about $500 a month, it is easy to explain that you like to go have a nice steak with some good scotch once a week.
This all depends upon her attorney, not her. A guy can never really know what is going to happen in this case. So he needs to be a good Boy Scout and remember the motto "Be Prepared". I have seen some strange thinges happen to my friends.

The main reason guys see providers is what we are discussing.
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Some may hate me for saying this but: hide all if not most of your assets in cryptos. Never use standard cryptos (easily traceable in the blockhain)use preferably monero or etherum. For the lies you either trust someone with your wallet, say you lost your wallet(hackers or lost your private key), hide the fact you got cryptos laying around or use obfuscation techniques. Its your money.
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I would never use any of the fake investments. This is a crap shoot. Computer crap is not an investment, it is a pie in the sky. The amount of money lost can be everything.

Hard, cold gold coins will never loose their value very much. You keep the hard physical item yourself. Gold, or whatever, can be resold. I have a good friend that has 100K worth of guns, they can always be sold for almost, or more, than he paid for them. His wife has no idea.
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