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Join Date: 11-27-2017
Location: Houston
Posts: 43

Last Activity: 06-18-2019 04:33 PM
Upgraded Female Account
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The Basics

Name WinnieL
User ID 430593
Email winnielefeurve@gmail.com
Metro Location Texas - Houston
Age 23


Ethnicity Mixed
Build Slender
Measurements 31A-27-39
Breasts Enhanced No
Height 5' 9"
Weight 110lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black (Shoulder Length)
Piercings Ears
Tattoos None
Smoking Non-Smoker

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About Me

Biography I have always been free spirited and independent. Trying new things, going to concerts, dating boys in bands, biking to the beach, wandering around Hollywood day or night were common activities growing up. I was the prime example of "give them an inch, they swim a mile." Either I was under the radar or living la vida loca. I lived my life in extremes. I still do. My last years as a kid were spent going above and beyond doing things I felt kids should do, things that the world said adults could no longer do.

Affectionately known as little miss smarty pants. I coasted through college and spent a few years in the art department soaking up everything creative. I can pour/cast bronze, teach a class, run a print shop, model, successfully promote bands and I am currently pursuing a PHD. A few years from now I will be Dr. Smarty Pants. Jack of all Trades, Devastating all.

My Honduran and Ethiopian roots blessed me with my lithe frame and sense of flare. Standing at 59, Im often stopped by photographers wanting to add me to their portfolio. What can I say? I have a magnetic presence that draws all within reach close.

***MUST Screen. NO exceptions.***

Likes Cool weather, fresh laundry, animals, soft rain, mosh pits
Dislikes Sweets, pushiness/rudeness, non-practical gifts
Hobbies Art, JRPGs, Dancing, Vacation Planning
Favorite Food(s) Toro sashimi
Favorite Flower Sunflower
Favorite Perfume I have a sensitive nose :(
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Animal Snail
Favorite Music Pop punk, Motown, 80's pop, 90's alt rock, drug store playlists
Favorite Holiday Halloween
Preferred Gifts Art Supplies, gift cards, cash


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