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Join Date: 10-23-2011
Location: San Antonio
Posts: 742

Last Activity: 01-21-2019
Kyle Kelly
Profile Picture

The Basics

Name kylekellysa
User ID 106102
Email See Website Reservation Form Please
Website http://allkylekelly.com/
Metro Location Texas - San Antonio, Texas - Austin
Age 38


Ethnicity Caucasian / White
Build Slender
Measurements 36C-24-36
Breasts Enhanced Yes
Height 5' 9"
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde (Medium)
Tattoos None
Grooming Bare
Smoking Non-Smoker

Latest Weekly Update


About Me

Biography A Few Points Before We Begin:

-With the exception of my first year (2011), I have never sanctioned reviews on ECCIE, as TER was a better fit for my needs.
-I was in the TOP 100 Worldwide for years on TER, and a link on my website contains physical copies of the most recent literature about time spent with me.
-I ask that you respect my preferred format for initial contact which can be found on my website on the Contact page. I rarely check PM's and will not be able to reply to conversational direct email for safety reasons.

Kyle Kelly

Experience, Passion & Character

"Words are the voice of the heart."

Def. Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief and trust.
Syn. Accurate, actual, bona fide, credible, dependable, for real, legit, original, pure, trustworthy, veritable

An authentic quality that captures the soul is the quality about me beyond compare. I give 100% of myself to you when we spend time together, limiting my scheduled engagements by way of selective pairing. I dont just converse, I relate. I dont just pretend to understand, I know what it is youre talking about. I am a former business professional, and I carry a BS in Organizational Behavior and Leadership from a prominent West Coast University. I am a typical mid-30's avid exerciser and occasional instructor, health and skincare enthusiast. I am experienced and I strive for excellence in all that I do. You are not a science project for which I am "trying this out" with. I have several years of professional experience and understand what I am doing, what it takes, and exactly how to do it right. I spend my time only with those gentlemen who understand their beneficiary role in my life, and covet that position. With a combination of sophistication and playfulness, engagements with me will embody mutual interests and shared experiences, authentically.

Def. Gratification of the senses or physical appetites as an end in itself
Syn. Amorous, erotic, carnal, hot, impassioned, romantic, seductive, spicy, stimulating, titillating

My piercing blue eyes change colors from gray to clear blue with my mood. I have endless long legs and Im going to use them to fluff your senses and prepare you for the road ahead. Your experience with me will be a trip into an altered state of bliss and fantasy. Imagine yourself as a fly on the wall as I peruse around my home in the buff, sunbathe topless, or share intimate moments with myself in the bathtub by candlelight. Now put yourself in the room in reality. This can be done. My sensuality can become your reality

Likes Please See http://allkylekelly.com/
Dislikes Please See http://allkylekelly.com/
Hobbies Please See http://allkylekelly.com/
Favorite Food(s) Pancakes
Favorite Beverages Chai Tea
Favorite Flower Sunflower
Favorite Perfume Arizona
Favorite Color Pink
Favorite Animal My Dog
Favorite Music Everything
Favorite Holiday Christmas
Preferred Gifts Please See http://allkylekelly.com/


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01-04-2012 Encounter by theking2cu Yes
11-02-2011 Encounter by Cumandgitit Yes

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