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Old 04-08-2012, 04:06 PM   #1
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Default Review: Ms. Athena Makes Good On Her Challenge And Then Some.....

Date: First of April 2012
Provider: Ms. Athena
Phone: 281-601-2236
Email Address:
URL / Website:
City: Houston
State: Texas
Address: 59 N Near IAH
Appointment Type: Outcall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Session Length: 4 hrs
Fee: 500 per ad (see ROS) + rm + tip
Hair Color and Length: Long brunette
Age: 44
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: 38DD-34-36 with long Nipples, Voluptuous at 180 lbs, 5'5", Long brunette hair, blue eyes, Nice Landing Strip, Looks exactly like her pics but better in person.
Recommendation: Hell Yes
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Old 04-08-2012, 05:01 PM   #2
Jed Clampett
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Now that was a wild review!
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Old 04-08-2012, 05:34 PM   #3
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Posts: 1,893
Reviews: 14

Oops I wanted everybody to read this so here ya go

The Rest of the Story: Well I won the challenge from Ms Athena. She offered a free 4 hour session if I stopped smoking for 90 days....and I collected on that challenge today...I did however pay for the room and gave her a tip as that was only fair...

After reading the many reviews of her, every one should know by now that Ms Athena is a Sensual Mistress, who will remain in control the whole into her control is an experience of a lifetime...For a lot of the newbie’s that want to try some kink there is nobody better than her for a first time. She loves popping cherries. Now if you are of the faint of heart you should stop reading now...

From the activities listed above you will notice I did not fuck choice, my reasons...she fucked me, ok...

Ms Athena wants it to be all about the client and all about the cock and what they want to experience in the session...however this was a Free session from her so I gave her Free rein to do what ever she wanted to do with No Limitations and No Inhibitions....She already knows what I enjoy, but this session was going to be special and different. As it turned out I gave her full rein and made it her choice for the sextivities. I would have never guessed that she remembered my comments and sarcasm on threads in the Other Realm Forum as well as other Forums...I guess she figured that’s what I wanted and that was what I was gonna get and get it big time. This was not your typical newbie type session and you would probably have to ask her for this type session...This was my first Mild BDSM Mistress Session,...ok enough prefaces....

We started off with a big hug and a passionate kiss as I entered the room. She was dressed in a fishnet outfit that exposed those huge tits and succulent nipples and red panties (the red panties was mentioned in other threads, and spelled out what she was going to do with them). As I looked around the room I noticed new toys that I had not seen before, floggers, restraints, vibrators, and dongs to name a few. She said "we are gonna try out some of the new toys and see if we like them"...well I did tell her I was up for what ever she wanted, so we indulged in the new toys....

Since she was all ready for me she told me to "strip it down and get into these red crocthless panties"...well with her holding onto a flogger there was no question in my mind that she wanted to do a full blown Mistress Adventure type session. A second look at the flogger convinced me to to put the panties on, so I stripped and did as she requested..."OK now I don't want that cock sticking out just yet so tuck it in" and with that she positioned it to her satisfaction. She wanted me to model for her and as I turned around she smacks my ass with the riding crop. "Now get on the bed on your back cumslut" and she ties me to the bed, my hands felt like the circulation was being cut off so I had to relax to ease the tightness. A collar was put around my neck with a rope to be later tied around my hard cock. With all that in place the clothespins come out and she begins to zipper my cock from the balls up. Then it was one on each of my very very sensitive nipples...I began screaming to no avail, no sympathy, and no chance of surrender "stop your whinning cumslut" she says . She took her good sweet time for removing the pins, first from the cock and then one at a time from the nipple as she kissed and caressed the wounded nipple, that felt really good after the nipple affection...then the spoon came into vision and I wondered what the wooden spoon was about (Note: I had asked mant on one of his reviews what the wooden spoon was about and he never answered the question) and I soon found out it was part of the CBT....oops I did tell her it was her choice....A few whacks with the spoon assured me that some of the clothes pins were still on the balls....ooooboy and after the pins were removed it was easier for her to use the spoon...oooh damn...that will wake you up folks. Still tied down and not going anywhere she takes the rope hanging from my neck and wraps it around my hard cock [yep through all that it was hard] with my neck straining forward to easy the rope tension on my cock, she then stands up on the bed and taunts me with her pussy inches away from my face. She rubs her pussy and digs her fingers in deep and as it cums out wet, puts her fingers in my mouth and demands that I suck all her jucices from her fingers. Then dips down ever so slowly teasing me to lick her pussy to no avail. Then she all of a sudden smothers me with her pussy and listens for my gasps for air and lifts up "you better time it better cumslut if you want to breath" she says. Then it was back to smothering me again with her pussy, over and over. Her pussy was so sweet and being denied its wetness was torture in it's self, but being smothered with it was heaven.

Now it was time for her to ease between my legs and release the rope from my cock so that she can deliver a large, condom covered, lubed up, vibrating dildo into the promised land. With my legs on top of hers and around her waist the vibrating began and the her magic wand began its assault on my cock. The pleasure that I was receiving was incredible. Every now and then she would wrap her mouth around my cock and sucked for all it was worth. Then all of a sudden she pulls the dildo out and gets up and walks to the coffee table and retrieves her strap on with a RL cock on it, puts it on, puts a condom on it, lubes it up and resumes her position as before and begins inserting the dong in my ass. Slowly and gently she began easing it in until my ass is hitting her harness. "fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cock" she says as she uses her wand vibrator on my extremely hard cock. I begin bucking and squirming, yelling and moaning, and pulling on the restraints to no avail again. In what seemed like an eternity of pure sexual bliss. I finally popped, she scooped up what she could of my juices and feed it back to me on her fingers. As soon as she removed her fingers she got more aggressive on my now overly stimulated cock with the vibrator. More pounding of her cock and more "fuck me, fuck my cock" and more wand vibrator, I must have had 50 tantric O's, O's that were dry cums that were so intense at times that my moans became screams of joy and that is when she put her red panties in my mouth to muffle the sounds. I thought at first it was the red crotchless panties I had on but I was still wearing them thank god. After attempting to get to subspace so many times I had to take a short break and rest. A very short break it was as it was "back to the the bed and on your stomach cumslut" she says. With that it was time for the floggers 3 different ones I think as they all felt different anyways. She was spanking me with her hand, bitting my butt, and flogging for a good 10 min or so until it was time for more pounding from the vibrating dildo in my ass and a wand vibrator on my cock while on all fours. The sensations were so intense and felt sooo good I hated for it to end. Then it was "on your back you need to fuck my cock some more", so she puts the strap on back on ties me back down and stratles me again as before and begins grabbing my now bent legs to her chest and begins slamming her cock in me. More wand vibrator and another vibrator and another pop from me, she again tries to salvage as much cum as she could and slips it in my mouth with her fingers. Then its more vibrator on my over stimulated cock again, more pounding from her cock and more blood curdling screams of ecstasy from me, more tantric and yet again a close encounter to a subspace adventure....

I have probably left a few details out, but not on purpose as you can see above...This was a non censored review as you can tell. To be honest this is the first time I have had this type of session. It was my first BDSM for me. Ms Athena made it a session that she is most noted for in that BDSM setting, in my opinion. She has told me that she does not do the hard core BDSM sessions. In other sessions that I have had with her they were not this extreme and had she not prepared me for this type session it would have not happened either, as she would not have allowed it to happen herself. Trust is the key in these type sessions and Ms Athena is the one person I trust whole heartedly. On a side Note: I did tell her she could do as she pleased....and have her way with me, and she did…I loved every minute of the kink as well….Some may see this as a Mistress with her Sub or with her Bitch, but to me it was two people shareing and enjoying the kink to it's fullest.....We all have a ticket to live our lives the way we want and thats what I'm doing with my ticket. Life is too short, especially mine, not to enjoy everything it has to offer and then some......It's all about the pleasure, and the Kink....
Recommendation: Hell Yes

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Sounds like you had an awesome time!

The Notorious B.F.E - Getting Premium Access - Becoming a Verified Provider
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Old 04-09-2012, 01:19 AM   #5
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She is quite a woman...
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Old 04-09-2012, 06:13 AM   #6
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Wow. Nice pic. She looks good.
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Old 04-09-2012, 09:02 AM   #7
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Cool Gotta Love The Kink....

Originally Posted by houston_switch View Post
She is quite a woman...
Woman hell, She is quite the Mistress I would say....She is all about her client and the cock.....and the Sissy GFE stops after the greeting at the door as well...Gotta Love The Kink...


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Old 04-09-2012, 09:10 AM   #8
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Wink Lookin Good...

Originally Posted by ZX11D4 View Post
Wow. Nice pic. She looks good.
She looks real good in a strap on and there are more pics on her website as well...

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