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Location: Houston, TX (Med Center)
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YummyMarie's Avatar YummyMarie
Simply Delicious
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The Basics
Name YummyMarie
Phone Number Will Provide After Screening
Metro Location Texas - Houston
Age 32
Ethnicity Hispanic
Build Average
Measurements 38C-32-38
Breasts Enhanced No
Height 5' 3"
Weight 135lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette (Medium)
Piercings Ears
Tattoos None
Grooming Bare
Smoking Non-Smoker
About Me
Biography My eyes are an aphrodisiac,
My lips a dose of ecstasy,
My body a tranquilizer to your sense of control,
My wetness a shot of adrenaline to your heart,
My sex a mercy killing,
My kiss....your last request

Hello Gentlemen,

I'm Marie, an insatiable petite Latina with an appetite that could compete with any hungry man competition known to Enjoy my reviews, but know that each experience is unique as each gentleman I encounter.

The word "companion" begins with the prefix "co," meaning "together." I take this to heart, as I believe time spent with another individual should be a partnership in which people choose to invest the best of themselves in creating a beautiful and passionate relationship. I take pride in my work (funny that anything this enjoyable should be called "work") but it's easy for me in the sense that I truly enjoy making connections with others.

That being said, there are a few things I would like you to know:

First, I am not physically perfect. I have a mommy tummy and recently lost a large amount of weight. That extra skin around my midsection is mentioned in my best reviews. I do work out, but the fact is that it will not go away without plastic surgery. Like most women I am self conscious about it, but I do my best to get over it cause who wants to spend time with someone not comfortable in their own skin? The bottom line is that I am grateful that my clients tend to be gentlemen who appreciate true beauty beyond what the eye can see.

Second, I prefer two hour sessions or more, though most of my business is conducted one hour at a time. No wham bam thank you ma'am, please. I want to enjoy my time too. The reason is that I have a unique skill-set that I don't like going to waste. My ideal session begins with stimulation of the mind. Our minds are the greatest sexual organs that we have. I am an intelligent, sharp, and witty individual. I have a bachelor's degree and years of professional, salaried employment on my extensive and well-rounded resume. You might wonder how I came to be here, so I would be happy to share the story with you in our session.

Third, in my everyday life I tend to be a control-freak, so the hobby is one place where I eagerly let go of the reigns and step into a highly submissive female role. Once a respectful and trusting relationship is established, there is very little that I won't do when my companion firmly asserts his desires through his words or his actions. And being the fervant giver that I am, there is nothing like knowing that I have been a "good girl," and have done a good job. By the time my partner is satiated and ready to deliver my well-earned reward, my senses have become so heightened that my physical response to his reciprocation will be swift and explosive.

When you contact me:

Please introduce yourself kindly. There are few things that turn me off more than opening up a message from a potential new friend that says only, "Are you available?" and nothing else in the message. I WANT to know your name and so much more if we are to spend some quality time together :) Tell me a little about yourself and your likes and tastes. The more of a gentleman you are in our communications and during our time together, the sooner you will discover just how appreciative I can be ;)

Details and screening:

I require at least two recent (within the last 6 months) provider references. They must be reputable and verifiable. Please provide your hobby name, email address, and contact number. Your references must include their contact information, approximate date of visit, and some information to spark their memory of your visit.


If you do not have references,you are considered a NEWBIE. I will ask for some private information for screening. I will not make exceptions to this. If you are not comfortable providing personal information and you do not have references, please do not contact me. This will save both of us time and frustration. I may ask to meet you ahead of time in a semi-public place to verify your identity and ascertain my level of safety and comfort with you.

Likes Gentlemen with good hygiene
Dislikes Bad manners, poor hygiene, & improper introductions
Hobbies Music, dancing, puzzles, the English language
Favorite Food(s) Thai food and anything with bananas
Favorite Beverages Red wine (Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir); vodka tonic with lime
Favorite Flower Tulips, lilies, or roses
Favorite Perfume Black Amethyst from Bath & Body Works or Amber Romance from Victoria's Secret
Favorite Color Purple
Favorite Animal Cat (pet) or Monkey (zoo)
Favorite Music Dance, top 40s
Favorite Holiday Thanksgiving and Christmas
Preferred Gifts Gift Cards: Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot, Best Buy; Tips :-)

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