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General discussions pertaining to the hobby, but not limited to your local scene. (For staff assistance, contact your local moderator, or see the "Emails to the Staff" post in the Questions for the Staff forum in each city)
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Use this forum to post on the wide range of business services available to providers. (Website design, screening & scheduling, photography, etc.) You may advertise your services here or providers "in need of" business services may post here as well.
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Glamour, elegance, and sophistication. That's what it's all about here in ECCIE's newest forum which caters to those with expensive tastes, lavish lifestyles, and an appetite for upscale entertainment.
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This forum is designed for those exploring alternative sexual practices and lifestyles. Whether a seasoned veteran of this scene, a newbie, or simply interested in broadening your sexual horizons, we hope you'll find the content of this forum stimulating and informative.
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All your funny stuff goes here.
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